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Massage Marketing Wisdom:
There are several ingredients that make up a winning formula for success in the massage therapy business including technical expertise, people skills,  business acumen and marketing savvy. Having one without the others will always limit your success to some degree. You can be the best practitioner in the world with outstanding technique, personable, caring service and still struggle.  Assuming that you have outstanding technique and are willing to deliver exceptional customer service, success in the massage business comes down to what is all too often, “the missing link”. The “not talked about” missing link in massage therapy education and practice today is, “how much you really know about marketing that works!

The secret to creating a thriving practice in the massage therapy business is to use a massage marketing system that goes beyond the traditional approach.  A massage marketing system that gets results now!  That’s why we have spent years researching and developing “The Body Wisdom Massage Marketing System”. This state-of-the art  massage marketing system is designed to bring a steady stream of qualified new clients into your practice on a consistent basis and to create outstanding value for each client leading to increased profits per client and maximum referrals.

Stay tuned to the Marketing Wisdom section as I blog about all the things that have worked for myself and others in building a solid, sustainable healing arts practice.

Rhett Hatfield
Director of Education/Owner Body Wisdom School


  1. Hi Rhett,

    Looks like you give your students ALL the pieces, including the make or break one: Marketing. The days of making it with JUST Word-of-Mouth are about over for massage. Marketing is the make-or-break factor for so many therapists who don’t make it ONLY because they do not know how to market and ask for the order. There are too many competitors to rely on manual skills alone. You can give the world’s best massage, but if no one knows about you … it can be tough.

    BUT, the word competition, if you break it down, means to Seek Together. So the people in the marketplace seek to find the best providers of the best services at the best costs, which does not necessarily mean lowest cost. And historically, it has often been the merchants of the earth who have have moved society ahead the most.

    So now, pure competition, in a TRUE, original, American style free-enterprise system, is NOT cut-throat. But again, therapists need to know how to educate the public on why they are good therapists and how much better the prospective Clients life will be if they sign on for sessions.

    Looks like you are doing a lot more for your students long these lines than most schools I know about, and I’ve been in the business for about 30 years, and have been personal friends with many of the leaders in the field. I hope your students, and potential students, see the value in your offerings.

    Take Care,

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