5 Star Self Care

Body Wisdom’s 5 Star Self-Care Program ™

I have been fortunate enough through my work as a international spa consultant to stay and be pampered at some of the world’s most luxurious 5 star hotels and spas.  Honestly the level of care I received through experiencing lavish spa rituals, amazing cuisine and 5 star accommodations has at times been a bit overwhelming.   In my experience, this level of care and attention can only be experienced in Asia where the staff is trained to anticipate your every need even before you know it yourself.  They call it “Service Mind” and it’s woven into the very fabric of every part of a hotel’s operation and is constantly monitored and evaluated to deliver the ultimate experience to their highly valued guests.  Understanding service is in their blood and is part of their culture.

Is is from this perspective that I started to imagine a life wherein I could experience this level of care on a daily basis.  As you might imagine it can be quite addicting.  Of course I’m not talking about living permanently at a Ritz Carlton or at the Ayana hotel in Bali but rather how can I institute a high level of self-care, even extreme self-care into my life?

This is how I birthed the idea of the Body Wisdom “5 Star Self-Care Program ™” and this will be the topic I will blog about in this section of the Body Wisdom Blog.  I hope you will enjoy my thoughts on this subject and maybe even be inspired to put your own 5 Star Self-Care Program into action.

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