Posted by: Rhett Hatfield | October 12, 2014

The Single-Leg Stance Test for Orthopedic Massage Therapists

Body Wisdom’s Orthopedic Massage Moment
“A Moment to Inform Yourself Can Be Priceless for Your Practice”

Static assessments done in front of a posture grid are certainly valuable and every Orthopedic Massage Therapist should do them prior to working. Taking it a step further are “functional assessments” such as Gray Cooks “Movement Screen which can take your assessments to a whole new level. 

The Single-Leg Stance Test is One Example (not Gray Cooks)

READ-LEARN-APPLY …. Constant research and application of Orthopedic Assessments and Massage Techniques are what will keep you energized and your practice vital!!

For Body Wisdom’s Perennial Students:
It’s been stated (apparently by those who know) that reading for an hour a day in your field of expertise will make you an international expert in 7 years!! You’re education at Body Wisdom with 100 Hours of Orthopedic Sports Massage, 50 Hours of Myo, 50 Hours of Positional Release, 50 Hours of Deep Tissue etc. was a good start but now you need to continue to take it further every day!! (((End of lecture))) Sorry I couldn’t help myself …..

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