Posted by: Rhett Hatfield | February 3, 2011

RSS for Massage Therapists

RSS for Massage Therapists and Why it Matters

What is RSS Anyway?
RSS stands for “really simple syndication” …. which allows you to subscribe to websites, blogs, news agencies and have the content delivered to you.  As one author said “it’s like having the news you want find you instead of you having to find it.”

Why it Matters:

1) RSS gives the massage therapist or other health practitioner a way to easily stay abreast of news, articles, events and more in the over all health, wellness and massage industry.  RSS feeds into an what is called an RSS Reader such as Google Reader ( the one I use), Yahoo Reader or many others.  This allows you to quickly SCAN down a list looking for relevant information.

2) SAVE your best finds to folders in your web browser OR better yet to an application like Evernote (free download for Mac or PC) where you can “clip” web pages in their entirety and drop them into relevant folders or what Evernote calls notebooks.  You might have a notebook for Massage Research, Health Tips or Sports Massage for example.

3) Once you have collected some “relevant information” …. in other words relevant to your niche(s) and of interest to your target market then the next step is to SHARE your gems along some of your channels.

For Example:

  • Updates to your Facebook “Page”
  • Mini-blog posts complete with links through your Twitter account
  • Status Updates on your Linkin Account
  • Inspired Blog posts on your company or personal blog
  • Interesting articles and tidbits for your Bi-Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Clippings that you can forward to individual clients via email to show how much you care

The list is endless!

4) Be known as the expert in your niche! A flow of relevant and timely information that you can pass on not only puts you in “the know” but more importantly establishes you as an expert in your niche and a leader in your field, two very important components of a comprehensive personal branding strategy.

How to Find Good RSS Feed Material
Having an RSS Feed Reader set up is only half the battle.  The other half is to find great material to feed it.  Google Reader has a search function which is pretty good for general purposes but for  the best material you’ll need to do a little web research.  I’ve listed a few resources below to got you started:

Alltop: One of my favorites sources of information and setting up feeds is Alltop.  Along with many other categories they have a huge cross section of information regarding health, wellness and fitness.  Although Alltop and some of the suggestions below are a kind of a feed in and of themselves, they are also a great starting place for setting up your own custom feed right into a web browser.

Other places to search for great sites to set up RSS feeds from are Digg,  Stumbleupon and and for more offbeat stuff  Reddit.

The Massage Therapy Foundation has a bank of interesting articles on research.

If this is all new to yoI urge you to take a few minutes to go through the excellent slide share presentation below to see just how easily you can put the RSS Genie to work for you.  It is easier to set up then you think!

Pay It Forward:
Find Relevant information of interest to your target market and pay it forward.  As a friend of mine sums it up …. SCAN, SAVE and SHARE …. you, your clients, colleagues and friends will be glad you did.

Note: If you find some other good sources please list them here under the comments section of this post.


  1. Being a Massage Therapist and Trainer,I am interested to be update with all new technologies in the massage field.

    • Glad to know the article was helpful. Good luck with your practice and your teaching.

  2. Great info, I am trying to market my business and website in as many ways as possible on limited funds so articles like this are really useful. Thanks for sharing it.

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