Posted by: Rhett Hatfield | April 29, 2009

How to Give an Awesome Neck Massage

How to Give an Awesome Neck Massage

In our modern world of stress and tension any massage therapist can tell you it mostly comes down to neck, shoulders and lower back.  Most people are either “neck and shoulders” OR “lower back” and a few are both (sorry for those guys).

In the videos that follow you will find a basic neck massage routine (Video #1)  followed by a somewhat more advanced approach (Video #2) from our Therapeutic Massage Series at Body Wisdom School.  Both videos are basic entry level techniques that should be within the capability of any trained massage therapist and are offered as a review and for informational purposes and not to replace safe, qualified instruction in a classroom environment.

Hope the videos below will help to make the world a more relaxing place .. heaven knows we all could use a little more relaxation … 🙂  Enjoy!!

Video #1: Superficial Layer Neck Massage Techniques


Video #2: Second Layer Neck Massage Techniques

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  1. Awesome videos! Very descriptive. I will come back to refer to these often. Thank you. It has been great help.

  2. Nice one Rhett! Very yummy moves!

    Thanks for a great, easy-to-follow video.

    Best regards,
    Gerald Lopez
    Auckland, New Zealand

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  4. great pace of demonstration, good to see such skill and gives a confident approach

  5. Great instructional videos with some really useful techniques here. Thanks!

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