Posted by: Rhett Hatfield | April 15, 2009

How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech in Minutes

How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech in Minutes

One of the exercises from our 58 Hour Business and Marketing Course for Massage Therapists

Everyone knows they need one, but how to come up with one? Here are three easy to do and FUN exercises.

An “Elevator Speech” is good for brief introductions such as when networking or meeting someone for the first time.  Answers the question “what do you do?”

The “I Support by” Model:

I support #1 ________ in their desire to #2 ____________ by means of #3 _________.

#1 Who: Types of People, target audience

#2 What: they want to accomplish, their “needs, desires and goals.

#3 How: you help them get what they want.

I support [people, women, athletes, etc.] in their desire to [reduce stress, feel and look better, stay on top of their game, etc.] by means of [regular massage sessions, massage, exercise and nutrition, regular maintenance massage and injury rehabilitation, etc.].


Coaching Example: I support small business owners in their desire to bring more balance into their lives through weekly coaching sessions.

Coaching Example: I work with busy professionals to grow their business with the least amount of time, energy and money.

Massage Example: I support people in this desire to live stress free lives though a regular health maintenance program of massage, exercise and nutrition.

Massage Example: I support people in their desire to become free of debilitating pain though a program of massage and easy-to-do exercises that only take 5 minutes a day.

The “You Know How” Model:

You can create a more informal intro-speech using this model:

You know how name a problem that a target market has?  I tell them about your easy, fast, simple, painless solution.

Coaching Example: You know how everyone seems so busy lately?  I help you to grow your business while FULLY enjoying life!

Coaching Example: You know how sports professionals have invested in themselves with a personal trainer to get on top of their game?  Busy entrepreneurs work with me to stay on top of their business.  They like having a business partner who doesn’t get their profits.

Massage Example: You know how everyone seems so stressed out and busy lately, I help people to relax and enjoy their lives more through a total wellness program of regular massage, nutrition and exercise.

The People Tell Me Model:

People tell me that I name a benefit that you provide or a problem that you solve.

One says ______, while another says _______.

People say that I add value to their lives by ____________.

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  1. Great article, Rhett. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I’ve found creating the Elevator Speech intimidating for so many!

    • Thanks Sally … I agree. At least this way they can get started by filling in the blanks and then refine later after they actually have something on paper. Thanks very much for your comment!!

  2. You’ve done a great job creating a simple formula for people to follow – elevator speeches are something people struggle with all the time.
    Mine is
    My passion is helping others achieve improved health, financial freedom and the chance to positively affect other people’s lives.

  3. That’s some really great stuff. I often asked myself how to come up with an elevator speech. The only thing I find strange is the “by means of” part. If somebody would introduce himself and speak such a sentence I would be repelled immediately because it sounds too much like a commercial.

    • True .. you can just adapt it to suit .. maybe I will change that a little thanks!

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  5. Succinct and elegant elevator speech. Brilliant! Bookmarked and will definitely come back to this page. Thanks!

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