Posted by: Rhett Hatfield | March 31, 2009

Marketing with Post Cards

Marketing with Post Cards

Here is an article by an LA printing company that I think is highly relevant for massage therapists to market their practices.  We cover that and much, much more in our 58 Hour Massage Marketing and Business Class (including Chair Massage)

You are overlooking a highly effective and very low-cost sales
tool if your marketing activity does not include postcards.

Here are some of the many reasons postcards should be a part of
your marketing program.

1. Postcards work for any kind of business.

Postcards can produce all kinds of sales activity for all types
of businesses. For example, they can produce web site traffic
for online marketers, floor traffic for retail stores and sales
leads for direct marketers.

2. Designing postcards is easy and uncomplicated.

Designing an effective postcard is not complicated. It can be as
simple as printing your best small ad on a 4 x 6 card and
sending it to a list of potential prospects.

Postcards usually work best when the message is brief and the
postcard looks at first glance like a message from friend.

3. Printing postcards is simple and inexpensive.

You can print postcards with your own computer for about 1 or 2
cents each. Or you can have them printed professionally for
about 4 to 8 cents each.

4. There is a special low postage rate for postcards.

You can send any quantity of postcards by First Class Mail in
the US for only 23 cents each. The only requirement is that your
postcards must be at least 3 1/2 x 5 inches but no larger than 4
1/4 x 6 inches.

5. Postcards always get read.

Because postcards are delivered “ready to read”, almost
everybody will read it. Even people who usually throw out other
types of direct mail without opening them.

6. Postcards produce fast results.

Because postcards are simple and easy to use, they produce
results fast. You can mail postcards within a few days of
deciding to use them and you will start getting sales activity 2
or 3 days later. 7. Postcards are effective for generating web
site traffic.

One of the most effective postcard formats simply lists a few
benefits of a product or service on the card and tells the
reader to where they can get more information. This makes them
ideal for generating traffic to a web site.

8. Postcards multiply themselves.

Postcards are like small billboards. They often get saved by
recipients or passed on to others. 9. Markets can be accurately
targeted with postcards.

8. Postcards can be target marketed.

You can accurately target your best markets by sending postcards
only to mailing lists of prospects likely to be interested in
what you are offering.

10. Postcard marketing results are easy to measure.

Postcards normally generate over 90 percent of their total
response within 7 to 10 days. This enables you to quickly and
accurately evaluate the results of a postcard campaign.

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  1. great way to market the business. Thanks for the article.

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