Posted by: Rhett Hatfield | March 31, 2009

Aromatic Water Mists

Aromatic Water Mists

Someone said that “scent is like poetry to our nose, an ancient language that subtly influences mood.”

Below are some of my very favorite aromatic spray recipes that I have used time and again to delight clients and also students in our Premier Spa Indonesia Course.

Put all flower essences in a very fine mist aromatic sprayer.  I like the glass blue ones with the white tops that have an ultra fine mister.

Asian Waterfall:
This is one of my favorites.  Anytime I need a quick reminder of what its like to be back along the rivers and uplifting waterfalls of South East Asia I mist this in the air and I am there … ahhhh !!

3 drops Neroli (a little expensive but well worth it)
3 drops Geranium
3 drops Lavender

Thai Waterfall:
I have been to Thailand 7 times to study and bring back the many secrets of spa that abound in this lovely country.  I share many of these ancient secrets of health and beauty in our Best of Asia Spa Course at Body Wisdom.  Whenever I want a quick pick-me-up and remembrance of my time in the “Land of Smiles” I spray this over my body.  Clients absolutely love it at the end of a massage as a quick freshener and a delightful wake-me-up .. :))

3 drops Lime
3 drops Lemongrass
3 drops Ginger

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  1. I agree Rhett – I also use aromatic mists a lot for myself and my massage clients and they love it. They’re also effective in cold/flu season – keep a small bottle close by so that you can ‘clear the air’ in ‘your space’ whenever you need to. I will direct the students in the current aromatherapy class to your posts for all the wonderful and inspiring recipes – thank you.

  2. I use essential oils daily, and I appreciate these different recipes! Its a good feeling to be freshening your room with real oils! I appreciate your articles, you teach me a lot. I’m new on twitter (couple wks old) and sure do enjoy reading the tweets from so many of you!!

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