Posted by: Rhett Hatfield | March 17, 2009

Greening Your Spa!

Where do you begin once your spa has decided to go green?

Take a look at the tips below to find ways that you can help reduce the environmental footprint of your

Install low-flow faucet aerators to reduce water use by location up to 50%. Reduces water-heating needs as well. Low-flow showerheads are common; confirm that they are installed.

Water landscaping in the morning to reduce loss due to evaporation. If using a
municipal water supply install filters to prevent chlorine from entering the outdoor/natural environment.

Purchase unbleached (with chlorine) paper products. Paper towels, toilet paper, coffee filters, and many other products have excellent quality and cost-effective alternatives.

Recycle and let guests know this is the practice by providing tasteful recycling cans for their use.
Recycle and use refillable toner & ink cartridges.

Precycle – reduce waste before you buy. When purchasing, consider the packaging that comes with the product as one of the factors in determining choice.

Ask guests if they would like a bag, rather than just assuming.

Provide your guests with packaging (bags, tissue, etc.) made from significant amounts of post-consumer recycled materials.

Purchase office paper with recycled content, make 2-sided copies when feasible, & use waste to make your own scratch pads–reusing before recycling.

Encourage carpooling, public transportation, or ride/walking to work.
Use rechargeable batteries.

Prevent pests naturally by using alternative pesticides.

Store and dispose of hazardous materials properly. Many commonly used products are hazardous to the environment. Identify those of concern in your facility and investigate less-toxic alternatives for future purchases.

Buy organic when possible.

Do an energy audit of your facility – heating, lighting, and insulation.

From The Green Spa Network

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  1. We’re excited to get these green initiatives going at Body Wisdom!

  2. I’m so excited for the recycling, i will still be going through the trash just to make sure hehe.
    i hope all is well with the body wisdom crew!

    ~clair bear

  3. This is encouraging to hear. I’d like to add another suggestion. I’d like to see spas that are serious about going green pledge to use and re-sell only products that are free of petroleum and synthetic ingredients –preferably with the highest possible organic ingredient content and minimal packaging. An industry-wide initiative to eliminate massage and skin/facial products containing petroleum ingredients and/or potentially harmful synthetic chemicals would have a major positive impact both on the health of the clients and workers, and on the health of the environment.

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